19 Eylül 2011 Pazartesi

Seymour Duncan'dan Yeni Bir İcat Daha: Blackouts Modular Preamp

Seymour Duncan bu sene epey ar-ge'ye zaman ayırmış anlaşılan. Liberator'dan sonra yepyeni ve ilginç bir cihazı daha beğeniye sundu; Blackouts Modular Preamp

Bu preamfi içeren özel volüm pot ile herhangi 4 kablolu bir manyetik, aktif manyetik, daha doğrusu Seymour Duncan Blackout halini alabiliyor, dahası Duncan'ın çok güzel yorumlar alan Blackout'ları ile aynı sounda sahip oluyor.

Basın bülteni şu şekilde;

The genre-defining crunch and wail of modern heavy rock guitar often comes from active guitar pickups, which have a built-in, battery-powered preamp epoxy-sealed into a stark black casing. It's a distinctly modern sound married to a patently modern look. Now, for the first time, you can make any pickup an active pickup, even pickups with a more traditional look.
Seymour Duncan has taken its award-winning, low-noise Blackouts™ balanced differential preamp out of the pickup and integrated it with a high-quality volume pot. Blackouts™ Modular Preamp is an ingenious way to get that high-gain, active guitar sound with any passive four-conductor pickup. Simply by swapping a volume pot for a Blackouts Modular Preamp volume pot, you can get active pickup performance with a more classic look.

To capture the precise tone and performance of Original Blackouts™ pickups, Seymour Duncan created the specially voiced Blackouts™ Coil Pack, a replacement humbucker designed specifically for use with the Blackouts Modular Preamp. The Coil Pack will be available as a stand-alone neck or bridge humbucker or in a two-humbucker set packaged together with the Blackouts Modular Preamp.

Connecting the Coil Pack or any pickup to Blackouts Modular Preamp is an incredibly simple, solderless procedure, thanks to the same bare-wire Lockdown connector stations used in the Seymour Duncan Liberator™ Solderless Pickup Change System. Installing pickups only requires a mini-screwdriver to secure pickup and battery leads into the rock-solid screw-clamp connectors.
Bu bahsettiği Coil Pack'ler sap ve köprü manyetikleri için veya iki humbucker set için üretilmişler.

PG'da ise şöyle bir ek var;

As Seymour Duncan Vice President of Product Frank Falbo describes it, a vintage-looking guitar with a Blackouts Modular Preamp installed is like a stock car that’s been hot-rodded under the hood. “Many players want a vintage-looking guitar to have that powerful active sound—like a classic ride with a souped-up engine. What makes that possible is the new concept of separating the preamp from the pickups. Now you can ‘Blackout’ any passive pickup you want. And with Blackouts Coil Packs you’ll get the same power and tone of Original Blackouts.”

Blackouts have been praised for a more organic sound, commanding lows, superb highs, and significantly less noise than other active pickups. It’s the preamp that makes Blackouts pickups stand apart, and it’s that same preamp that’s now available in a modular form.

Blackouts Modular Preamp has the same bare-wire Lockdown connectors as Seymour Duncan’s Liberator Solderless Pickup Change System. That means connecting a Coil Pack, a different Seymour Duncan pickup, or any manufacturer’s passive pickup is an incredibly simple, solderless procedure, requiring only a mini-screwdriver to secure the pickup and battery leads into the rock-solid screw-clamp connectors.

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